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Simple Advice Fees

So that you know exactly what you’re paying and when, we have made the cost of our advice straightforward.

Initial Consultation : free of charge

We would love to discuss your advice needs. You will not pay anything for our time.

Call us today on 01273 711811 or email:

Retirement planning and investment review fee : fixed at £2,500

You receive:

– Consultation to consider your objectives and develop your financial plan
– A review and summary of your existing provisions
– Our recommendations on improving your portfolio
– The opportunity to discuss and review our proposals
– Once you are happy we will make the necessary changes to your portfolio and set up any new plans

Ongoing management fee : 1% per annum

There are many variables to consider when managing a portfolio, including your changing circumstances, time of life and market developments. As such, your portfolio will need constant monitoring and readjusting. Our annual fee covers this ongoing management of your investment and pension portfolios, and making the recommendations that will keep you on track towards your goals.

How do I pay this ongoing management fee?

We charge 1% of the total funds we manage on your behalf. If we manage £100,000, then you pay £1,000 and the fee is deducted from your investment pot.

Doing it this way means the progress of our practice is directly linked to our success in growing your wealth. We can also make paying fees tax-friendly if they (or even part of them) are taken from your pension. This is because the fees will be paid from an account that has enjoyed tax relief.

What’s not included in these fees

Generally, the following things are not included in these fees and can be discussed separately:

– Final salary/defined benefit pensions. If you require advice on final salary/defined benefit pensions we can work with a specialist firm that can help you.

– Trust-based investment advice. This is because the nature of this type of advice varies greatly between individuals. Therefore, we will provide you with a personal quote depending on your circumstances.

– Any insurance recommendations. The reason is that the costs of our advice are covered in the costs you pay for the insurance. However, we are happy to charge you directly if that is what you would prefer.

Book a free consultation today

Before you make any decisions, why not come and meet the team. You can tell us about your situation and go away with a clear idea of how we might be able to help.Call us today on 01273 711811 or email: