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Saving towards retirement

The days when your pension contributions had to buy an annuity are gone. You now have freedom around what you do with your pension assets and how you use them to receive income.

Today, pensions are just one part of retirement planning. The chances are that property and other investments may play a role in providing your income once you finish working.

But with increasing freedom comes more choice. Getting the most from your retirement savings calls for good planning and staying informed as your options and your needs evolve. This is why the right guidance can make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle.

How our retirement advice works

Our focus is on building you the financial security to lead the retirement lifestyle that you want to live. If you don’t already have specific retirement goals then we’ll help you set some. Then we can conduct a review to see if your current assets will suffice – and if not, look at bridging any shortfall to get your retirement plan firmly on track.

Perhaps you already have pensions from old jobs? If so, there’s the likelihood that they may not offer the well managed investment and retirement choices available today. These are often significant assets and we can look at the options to get them in order and working more effectively for you. Click here to learn about bringing order to my pensions.

We will also look at the tax efficiency of your retirement savings. For example, putting too much into a pension could have an adverse impact. This is because exceeding the annual or lifetime pension allowances means you could accidentally incur tax penalties. By reviewing your position and using other tax-efficient vehicles such as ISAs, VCTs or EIS, we will help you avoid such issues.

Good retirement planning doesn’t stop with our initial recommendations. Your circumstances and time of life change – as do pension and tax rules. Plus, new retirement options are being developed all the time. So our ongoing advice ensures that your retirement savings don’t ever stop working – even when you eventually do.


Why Roxboro?

Our services are intended for people with over £100,000 of investments such as ISAs, cash and pensions.

  • – Tailored investment and retirement advice from a chartered financial planner
  • – We are truly independent so you receive 100% unbiased advice
  • Simple advice fees – know exactly what you are paying upfront
  • – Trusted specialists – over a quarter of a century of experience
  • – Ongoing portfolio management and financial planning support
  • - Access your portfolio and real-time valuations via a secure online portal
  • – We give you access to the best investment and pension options from the whole market
  • – We do not receive any commission for recommending any type of pension

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