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Meet the team

Ion Tsakalis

Ion is Roxboro’s founder. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and a Chartered Financial Planner. Since 1991 he has specialised in investment, retirement and estate planning. He is a keen cyclist, occasional triathlete and collector of Northern Soul records. He is also an avid supporter of a football club whose name cannot be mentioned through fear of offending the population of Brighton.

Tim Waters

Tim has been with us since 2007 and also has chartered status and fellowship of the CII. Tim is an expert in investment and retirement planning. Aside from his job, Tim loves to travel. In fact, we often quip that he can visit several countries in the time that it takes most of us to visit the supermarket.

Martin Patrick

A big welcome to our latest recruit who is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. Martin joined from one of the UK’s largest financial institutions and has thirty years industry experience although he is now looking to develop in personal financial planning. Martin is an Ipswich Town fan and also graces the tennis courts at Hove Park. He likes to put his knowledge of risk to good use and follows horse racing at local tracks.

Jack Phillips

Jack came to us straight from college and is being slowly moulded into the ultimate Chartered Financial Planner. He is young enough to still have flexible knees and plays football to a good standard. Jack also indulges in other activities befitting his age but which he prefers not to discuss in the office.

Orla and Bo

Orla and Bo are our resident Dachshunds and morale managers. Their roles include cuteness, barking at new clients, chewing all manner of inedible paraphernalia - and generally bringing a little chaos to our corner of the world.

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