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Getting the most from my investments

We all want our savings to grow. Rising living costs and low interest rates can erode the value of your cash savings over time. Investing is the obvious answer if you want to get your money working. The question is, where do you start?

How our Investment Advice Works

Creating an investment portfolio is about much more than growing a pot of money. It requires balancing the potential for investment growth with keeping your money secure. All manner of factors can impact how your portfolio performs – from the health of the global economy and the individual investments you choose, through to your tax position and regulatory developments. Good investment advice is not only crucial to help you make sense of your options, but to ensure you avoid the common investment pitfalls.

First, we will sit down to understand your current needs and discuss what could change further down the road. We will also take a close look at your current assets – whether that’s ISAs, pensions, property, or any other type of investment – to get the full picture of your position. Then we can make our recommendations.

You may likely be looking for income from your investments, for example. But as none of us can be sure how long we will be around for, careful ongoing planning is crucial to maintaining an ongoing income stream. On the other hand, just because you may have stopped working it doesn’t mean your investments should. So good financial planning means striking that balance between growing and preserving your wealth, while receiving the money you need.

The total return you receive will be dependent upon identifying the best investments for your needs and holding them in the best way to make the most of any tax benefits. We can advise you on the correct mix of ISAs, pensions and other investments to ensure that your tax savings are maximised.

Making the most of your investments requires continuous assessment of both your position and your options. We will manage your investments, pensions and other income-producing assets to make sure your strategy is suitable for your changing needs – and also takes advantage of any tax saving opportunities.


Why Roxboro?

Our services are intended for people with over £100,000 of investments such as ISAs, cash and pensions.

  • – Tailored Investment advice from a chartered financial planner
  • – We are truly independent so you receive 100% unbiased advice
  • Simple advice fees – know exactly what you are paying upfront
  • – Trusted specialists – over a quarter of a century of investment advice experience
  • – Ongoing portfolio management and financial planning support
  • – Access your portfolio and real-time valuations via a secure online portal
  • – We give you access to the best investment and pension options from the whole market
  • – We do not receive any commission for recommending any type of investment

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